Would you like to build a custom backend for your iOS app, but don't even know where to start?

This book will get you where you want to go, even if you've never written a line of backend code. It's written by an iOS developer, for iOS developers.

Get the skills in Python, Flask, MySQL, API design, API security, testing, and deployment. And check out the additional bonus guide that will help you design great APIs.

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You want to create a custom backend, but it's hard to find backend development info written for mobile developers

You're in the business of building great iOS apps, not toy apps. But to build the kind of apps you want, you need more than just a frontend. Where are you going to store those images you need to display on your app? How are you going to serve dynamic content? How are you going to process complicated business logic? You want a powerful and scalable backend for these tasks, and BaaS services like Firebase are too restrictive.

So you search around the internet, looking for tutorials, but you can't get definitive answers. You get stuck. Should you use PHP, Python, node.js, on Ruby on Rails? Every person gives you different advice, and you don't know who you should follow or why you should believe them.

You can find information, but what to do with it? You find backend API tutorials for web developers, so you get info about web page templates. And other such useless info. There are so many tutorials, but none of them get you where you want to go: a backend for your iOS application. What started out as a simple goal to build a custom backend, becomes a huge waste of time.

With all the tutorials leading you nowhere, sometimes you feel like giving up

And going back to using Firebase.

But no, f#*! that! There is a solution. The solution is to say f#*! this, and commit. Commit to creating a backend. Pick a stack, and learn it. Build your backend.

OK, but do you have to wade through the tutorials and stay up until 3AM every night trying to figure out backend development?

What if you could just get *one book* that gives you what you need to know. A book for you as an iOS developer, not a web or backend developer.

Backend Development for iOS Developers is that book

The book is packed with the right info that you need to get started (and get finished!) on building a backend for your iOS app. Nothing more, nothing less. In this book, you won't find a mountain of paragraphs about web/HTML templating. You won't find weird discussions that have nothing to do with your task at hand. Just solid, necessary info for creating a custom backend from scratch. No fluff.

Get this book and start building your own backends today. And once you've built your first backend, you'll be able to develop a system for creating backends. You'll never look back.

If you buy this book and it doesn't give you the ability to build solid custom mobile app backends, email me and I will refund you.

And in case I haven't already mentioned it...screw analysis paralysis! This book will not spend pages and pages of text about the pros and cons of every single programming language, or every single tech stack. It gives you a clear path: Python, Flask, and MySQL. It will teach you how to create API endpoints to send and receive JSON data. Plus unit testing, security, user authentication, debugging, deployment, cURL, error handling, and a lot more.

After reading this book, you will be able to build professional production-level backends. Period.

What Backend Development for iOS Developers shows you how to do:


Designing, Specifying, and Documenting Backend APIs

RESTful vs non RESTful APIs

Creating endpoints that accepts and returns JSON data

Error handling


Learning Enough Python and Flask to Kick BaaS in the Ass

A fast, but useful crash course in Python 3.6

Creating virtual environments

Python tooling

Writing APIs in Flask

Unit Testing



Understanding The HTTP Protocol

GET and POST requests


Using cURL to test endpoints

user interface

Designing and Normalizing a Database

How to design a database

Normalizing: 1NF to 4NF

Databases vs. Files


Implementing and Deploying the API

Implementing an API spec

Developing locally

Deploying to a server


user support

Implementing User Authentication and Security

Making your backend SSL Certified

Token authentication (session tokens, JSON web tokens)

API keys, password hashing

And what about this bonus PDF?


You'll notice there are two packages. One package is just the eBook and source code, and another package is the eBook, source code, and bonus PDF: 3 Uncommon Principles of API Design.

So what the hell is this bonus PDF? It's a battle guide for developers, that's what.

Designing a good API in an organization is hard, especially when you have people to deal with.

In my 10 years of experience designing APIs, I've learned three principles that I plan to use for the rest of my career. This bonus PDF will share them.

This PDF is not a "best practice" manual. It's a summary of the most important things I learned about API design after 10 years of battle in the trenches. It's for developers who want push past the BS and do great things.

3 Uncommon Principles of API Design is for developers who want to create great APIs even when they're getting assaulted from both sides. Developers who want to create great APIs despite the corporate nonsense or startup chaos that they have to deal with.

Read this PDF, memorize the principles, and design APIs that are robust and respected.

Get the book now, and start building backends today

The book and complete source code$39

  • 106 Page eBook
  • Complete Python source code for all of the code examples in the book
  • Free updates on the eBook until Jan. 2020

  Not ready to take the full dive? Download the table of contents and a free chapter.

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Moe Burney

I've been developing iOS apps since 2012, and server-side backend applications since 2006. My full time gig is currently with Fetch TV as an iOS developer. I'm writing this book because I've talked to many iOS developers who want to be liberated from third party backend services. Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at